Welcome to my portfolio website, where you will find work completed throughout my professional and university career.

I am currently working in the publishing industry, as Assistant Editor of Indesign magazine in Sydney. A big part of my current role not only involves finding interesting and engaging editorial, but also developing new ways to engage audiences with client content – in effect, enhancing and refining the magazine’s methods of brand integration.

Soon I will be relocating to London, and am looking to continue my work in this field of Brand Integration and Content Marketing. And with a background not only in print media, but also in television and event broadcasting, I am enthusiastic about pursuing a career in any and all forms of the media, marketing and advertising industries, and their new avenues for brand development.

I have a Bachelor of Arts/Media Communications with Honours Class I from the University of Sydney, and am enthusiastic about the future of media platforms and their potential in the post-digital world.

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